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Isle of Man Bank Customer Champions

Become a Customer Champion, be the voice of the community.

 An Isle of Man Bank customer research panel, independently managed by Island Global Research.

Join our panel of Isle of Man Bank Customer Champions for your chance to shape new products and services, and improve the way Isle of Man Bank communicates with customers.

Why should I become a Customer Champion?
  • Get ‘behind the scenes access’ to new ideas, as they are being developed
  • Represent the views of your community, helping Isle of Man Bank to meet customers' needs
  • Vouchers for participating in research activities
  • Find out what actions Isle of Man Bank are taking in response to your feedback
What can I expect?
  1. Island Global Research email you an invite to take part in research and development activities, where you get to share your feedback
  2. This feedback is anonymously shared with Isle of Man Bank
  3. Isle of Man Bank listen to your views, and share back with you what actions they are taking to improve
  4. After participating in a research activity, you'll get a voucher to say thank you for helping to improve our customers' experience
Coming up…
  • Testing customer communications
  • Branch design
  • New product development - including green products, investment products & cryptocurrency
Are you an Isle of Man Bank Customer who would like to sign up to become a Customer Champion? Both personal banking and business banking customers can sign up to have their say. Please select the correct option(s) below. *This question is required.
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